Comprehensive Koi Health and Disease Management

From Ron Boedeker to MCKPC

Here is the most current (at the time of writing this), comprehensive koi health and disease management document that I have been able to find that relates to our climate conditions in eastern Washington State.

It’s written by Karl Schoeler of “Koi Valley” in Minnesota. Being in Minnesota, he deals with ponds that can see cold winters, so he is very familiar with working on koi problems in cold water as opposed to most publicly available koi health information that comes from warm weather climates.

This information is from the forum:

I want to highlight a section on algae control. I constantly see people fighting algae problems and Karl presents a nice clear method of dealing with it. We prefer that you use proper stocking and water management practices to control pond algae, but most people choose not to, so Karl offers one of several alternate methods of dealing with the problem. Go see "Part Four/Hydrogen Peroxide for algae control" in the article.