Summit View Seminar

A nice crowd of Mid Columbia Koi & Pond Club members attended a seminar given by Joel Aker of Summit View Koi located in Puyallup, WA.

The all day seminar on Japanese Koi took place at Ron and Gloria Boedeker home on Saturday, April 21, 2012.

Joel brought two tubs of hand selected koi in different quality and price ranges to compare during the meeting. Both standard and long fin koi in all colors were represented at the meeting.

Joel also discussed general pond requirements for successfully keeping koi and educated the crowd on the points that make a sanke and showa differ from each other. After the meeting several people took advantage of the opportunity to buy koi from Joel for their home ponds.

There were, of course, door prizes and raffles at the meeting—plus a live koi raffle of which Yours Truly won!

The crowd enjoyed cold cut sandwiches plus a variety of other treats that members brought.

Summit View Koi is a small, but growing family operation in the Tacoma area.

Joel has been traveling to Japan and has established a good relationship with some of the better, but less known breeders. This has allowed him to bring in high quality koi at a more affordable price.

To view some of Joel’s fish online, go to Or call Joel at 253.230.2250.

Joel did a great job of explaining the differences between types of koi to the group.

The afternoon allowed several people to discuss their favorite hobby (koi, of course!) with Joel. Here Joel gives members Scott and Treah Pierce pointers on how to pick out fish and advice on some general care of koi.